What we do

We work hard to make sure that we stick to our plans and achieve our goal on time. Our goal is to leave no children on street in poor villages in Bangladesh with lack of food, education and teatment. Thats why we have split our projects in two fundamental trusts. Nessa Medical Trust's goal is to provide all mediacal supports to poor villagers and orphans and Nessa Orphanage Trust's goal is to provide better living for orphans in poor villages in Bangladesh.

Nessa Medical Trust


Nessa Orphanage Trust

  • Provide basic yet essential medical diagnosis and treatment to the deprived inhabitants of all ages living nearby.
  • Provide Polio vaccinations to new born babies and treat patients who already suffer from the disease. Such facilities are currently non-existent.
  • Educate local people about basic hygiene and do's and don'ts to lead a healthy life.
  • Advice in confidence to vulnerable women who are too shy to discuss their medical problems.
  • Provide free medicine wherever possible.
  • Save street urchins from drugs, child abuse, pedophiles and child trafficking
  • Provide dignity of life to the defenseless orphans left in the streets by offering them roof over their heads, decent food and clothing.
  • Provide adequate education and vocational trainings to stand on their own feet and to be a strong contributor of the society.