Africa Drought Appeal:

In 2013 Nessa Foundation raised over £27,000 towards Africa draught and help de-liver food, water, health care and other crucial life-saving aid to families. (AFRICAN DRAUGHT TWO CERTIFICATES)


 Blanket Donation:

In January 2015 Nessa Foundation distributed 500 blankets in Comilla, Bangladesh to the poor and homeless villagers. 


 Qurbani Scheme:

Each year for Eid-ul-Adha Nessa Foundation distributes meat in the local village. Meat is a luxury for the local community and Nessa has taken the challenge to pro-vide fresh meat to the impoverished community of Comilla. Each person receives one gift pack which includes 2kg Qurbani meat, 1kg Rice, 1kg Potato, Cooking Oil and Spices. You can help us in this challenge every year Insha-Allah.


 Hand Pump:

Nessa Foundation has set up 15 tube wells in the poor village where drinking clean water is a major issue. Many people in the area rely on open water sources prone to contamination and spread of diseases. Each hand pump can cost is £150. Contact us to sponsor a hand pump. The reward for donating towards supplying clean water is endless because the blessings of Allah SWT will be continuous till the water is supplied.


Sponsoring Marriage:


Nessa Foundation has so far helped 3 poor girls get married by paying for their wed-dings and assisting couples to earn a living by offering cash to open shops, purchase cattle or fund a rickshaw. Minimum cost of single marriage is £500.00 (no dowry).


 Computer class:

Nessa Foundation runs computer classes for boys and girls in the building. We aim to equip the children with computer operation techniques for upgrading their skills for higher studies and facilitate to employment. 


Creating and Raising Islamic awareness in the local community:

Most local population is uneducated and majority have very little knowledge of the basis of the deen. Nessa Foundation is striving to create aware in the local commu-nity and encourage them to learn about the fundamentals of the deen by inviting them to attend circle of knowledge regularly. Nessa has also set up banners near the building and painted walls quoting Ahadeeth to motivate local community and passer-by. 


Masjid built by Nessa Foundation

Nessa Foundation has constructed 2 floor Masjid, area 24*27, can accommodate up to 100 people at one time. This is the only Masjid in the area and with the help of Allah we do our best to organise events and gather the local community in learning and developing both as individual and societal level.


 Hackney (London):

Nessa foundation help run soup kitchen in Hackney for the homeless and poor in collaboration with other charities.


Eid Cards:

Nessa Foundation also sell Eid cards, available in 4 beautiful design – cost £2 (pack of 4 cards). (one photo)



Donate now & make difference

Any amount you donate to Nessa Foundation will help make world better.

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