Annual Events - 25th of October 2015


 "This year our annual event will be held at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel on Sunday 25th of October 2015 from 5.30pm to 10pm at Heathrow Marriott Hotel, Bath Road, Middlesex UB3 5AN (Free parking for guests).The evening will be adorned with distinguished speakers followed by a three course halal meal (Sapna caterers).


The well-known speakers include Abuhafsa Abdul Malik Clare and Yvonne Riddely.

We are thankful to Marriott for offering us the hall for free to conduct our charity dinner.

100% proceeds from our charity dinner Insha-Allah will go towards the construction of further two floors of our boarding school for orphans/poor kids in Comilla, Bangladesh."



Annual Events - 2014:



Nessa Foundation 2014 Annual Event held on 12th October 2014 at Heathrow Marriott Hotel. The evening was adorned with distinguished speakers such as Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad, Sister Yvonne Riddely, Sheikh Abdul Majid and Jamal Richard.




Africa Drought Appeal:

In 2013 Nessa Foundation raised over £27,000 towards Africa draught and help de-liver food, water, health care and other crucial life-saving aid to families. (AFRICAN DRAUGHT TWO CERTIFICATES)


 Blanket Donation:

In January 2015 Nessa Foundation distributed 500 blankets in Comilla, Bangladesh to the poor and homeless villagers. 


 Qurbani Scheme:

Each year for Eid-ul-Adha Nessa Foundation distributes meat in the local village. Meat is a luxury for the local community and Nessa has taken the challenge to pro-vide fresh meat to the impoverished community of Comilla. Each person receives one gift pack which includes 2kg Qurbani meat, 1kg Rice, 1kg Potato, Cooking Oil and Spices. You can help us in this challenge every year Insha-Allah.


 Hand Pump:

Nessa Foundation has set up 15 tube wells in the poor village where drinking clean water is a major issue. Many people in the area rely on open water sources prone to contamination and spread of diseases. Each hand pump can cost is £150. Contact us to sponsor a hand pump. The reward for donating towards supplying clean water is endless because the blessings of Allah SWT will be continuous till the water is supplied.


Sponsoring Marriage:


Nessa Foundation has so far helped 3 poor girls get married by paying for their wed-dings and assisting couples to earn a living by offering cash to open shops, purchase cattle or fund a rickshaw. Minimum cost of single marriage is £500.00 (no dowry).


 Computer class:

Nessa Foundation runs computer classes for boys and girls in the building. We aim to equip the children with computer operation techniques for upgrading their skills for higher studies and facilitate to employment. 


Creating and Raising Islamic awareness in the local community:

Most local population is uneducated and majority have very little knowledge of the basis of the deen. Nessa Foundation is striving to create aware in the local commu-nity and encourage them to learn about the fundamentals of the deen by inviting them to attend circle of knowledge regularly. Nessa has also set up banners near the building and painted walls quoting Ahadeeth to motivate local community and passer-by. 


Masjid built by Nessa Foundation

Nessa Foundation has constructed 2 floor Masjid, area 24*27, can accommodate up to 100 people at one time. This is the only Masjid in the area and with the help of Allah we do our best to organise events and gather the local community in learning and developing both as individual and societal level.


 Hackney (London):

Nessa foundation help run soup kitchen in Hackney for the homeless and poor in collaboration with other charities.


Eid Cards:

Nessa Foundation also sell Eid cards, available in 4 beautiful design – cost £2 (pack of 4 cards). (one photo)



A Special Appeal for Orphans

If you make a contribution of at least £1 per month, then it would cover up for an orphan child three times daily meal and if you add few more extra pounds, it would be sufficient to provide full time education and many other necessary things of the orphans.

By this way, you can make these orphans smile.

To make your generous donation, please download and fill in the form attached and send it to your local bank to setup a standing order.

About Us

"When it comes to your wealth, look at the people who have less than you and when it comes to piety look at the people over you."

Nessa Foundation is a UK registered charity since April 2010 we have been involved in a number of projects to help the most needy. Nessa Foundation currently runs a free boarding school for poor and orphan children in Comilla, Bangladesh. We work very hard and sincerely to provide food, shelter, education, security and health care for the abandoned children. Currently there are 73 boys and girls between ages of 7-13 years who stay at our free boarding school. Nessa Foundation is like an oasis in the desert providing what these children need the most – love and care. Visit our projects page to see our work speak for us.

Who we are: 

Nessa Foundation is a UK registered charity since April 2010, we currently run a free boarding school for poor and orphan children in Comilla, Bangladesh.

 What we do:

Summary part:

Nessa Foundation protects them from poverty, child abuse, drug, paedophiles and child trafficking. We work hard to give support and educate the 73 children including orphans.

Detail part:

Nessa Foundation currently runs a free boarding school for poor and orphan children in Comilla, Bangladesh. We work very hard and sincerely to provide food, shelter, education, security and health care for these abandoned children.

At the moment there are 73 boys and girls between ages of 7-13 years who stay in the 2 floor building Nessa constructed. In the same building these children also receive Islamic studies as well as Bangladeshi national curriculum education, computer classes and vocational training is also provided. Allhamdulliah, we already have 6 hafiz and they are now receiving further education.

Nessa Foundation needs your help to complete construction of further 2 floors of the building which will allow more space for the children to sleep, eat and receive education. Nessa is like an oasis in the desert providing what these children need the most – love and care.

Help Nessa Foundation and Donate now.

Visit our projects page to see our other projects 

Join our Team

We are a very hard working team who is full of enthusiasts and passionate about helping others. If you think, you have got what it takes to be sensible volunteer then why not join us and start building your career in any sector within our organisation. As we always seek for experts from various sectors.

If you wish to join us, please fill the form below and submit your interest and we will contact you whenever an opportunity arrives.


Personal Information

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What we do

We work hard to make sure that we stick to our plans and achieve our goal on time. Our goal is to leave no children on street in poor villages in Bangladesh with lack of food, education and teatment. Thats why we have split our projects in two fundamental trusts. Nessa Medical Trust's goal is to provide all mediacal supports to poor villagers and orphans and Nessa Orphanage Trust's goal is to provide better living for orphans in poor villages in Bangladesh.

Nessa Medical Trust


Nessa Orphanage Trust

  • Provide basic yet essential medical diagnosis and treatment to the deprived inhabitants of all ages living nearby.
  • Provide Polio vaccinations to new born babies and treat patients who already suffer from the disease. Such facilities are currently non-existent.
  • Educate local people about basic hygiene and do's and don'ts to lead a healthy life.
  • Advice in confidence to vulnerable women who are too shy to discuss their medical problems.
  • Provide free medicine wherever possible.
  • Save street urchins from drugs, child abuse, pedophiles and child trafficking
  • Provide dignity of life to the defenseless orphans left in the streets by offering them roof over their heads, decent food and clothing.
  • Provide adequate education and vocational trainings to stand on their own feet and to be a strong contributor of the society.

Donate us

We are still working on a web based donation module through which we would be able to collect your generous donations.

Please bear with us while we finish that module. In the mean time please visit other pages for more information about NESSA Foundation and visit contact us to find out how you can contact us and make your donations.

Currently we have the following Donation Methods:

Cheque Donations in UK

 Bank Transfer

 Online Transfer

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Nessa Foundation was founded by Mr Majibur Rehman Chowdhury in April 2010, who is an excellent enthusiast in voluntary social development activities. Later that year he met some other enthusiasts in the same path and they start working together as a group to get their voluntary work more effective. In April, 2011 they officially get their charity registered in United Kingdom.

Since they started, Nessa Foundation has already restored many orphans' lives, contributed in "Africa Drought Appeal", built Mosques and orphanage and they are still working hard to continue succeeding in many different projects.

But Nessa Foundation never forgets to say "Thank You" to all our donors. All these wouldn't have been possible without all your supports.

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